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PCAN: Reflective and Relationship Based Organizations- Better Kid Care NF

Course ID 108530
Penn State Coop Ext. - Lancaster
(717) 394-6851
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This session presents strategies that child care providers can use to support positive parenting and to intervene when providers witness a troubled interaction between parent and child.

This course meets the new STARS
standards SQ.3.4.3, SQ.3.4.9

6.00 Hours

Course Level


PQAS Approved

Course Category


General Course

Family, Schools and Community Collaborations and Partnerships (6 Hours)

CDA Content Areas

Productive Relationships with Families (6 Hours)

Center Staff
Head Start/Early Head Start
Pre-K Counts


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Recognize their own thoughts and feelings when witnessing troubled parent-child interactions.
2. Identify a range of interventions designed to support positive parent-child interactions and intervene in
troubled parent-child interactions.
3. Demonstrate responding to parents who are engaged in potentially harmful parent-child interactions.
4. Explain the legal and psychological definitions of child abuse and neglect.

Core Knowledge Competencies

Design and apply multiple strategies to involve families in the program, including, but not limited to, conferences, parent handbooks, group activities, and community events. D3.6 C3

Communicate and document the importance of involving families in the program and implement a variety of methods to achieve inclusion of families within program operations and practices.D3.6 C2

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