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Event Details

Behaviors, Ours & Theirs: Social Emotional Development from a Cultural Perspective & Application to CQI Conference

C1: Knowledge Acquisition
Saturday, June 1, 2019  
8:00am to 12:15pm
(3.00 Hours)
A personalized experience will be offered; attendees will split into two groups and presenters will offer each session two times so that each group will participate in both sessions. Participants will be provided with a continental breakfast, welcome and introduction, two educational sessions that each include a bound notebook of instructional materials, and a tour of WCCC’s NAEYC accredited Campus Children’s Center.
**Registration fee of $15 to be paid by check on day of


Course ID 116953
This event will focus on improving practitioners’ knowledge and skill to support children’s social and emotional development through culturally relevant practices, as well as how to apply these skills to participants’ CQI plans


Participants should be familiar with the ECERS and other Keystone STARS CQI tools such as CLASS, PAS, and Good, Better Best.

Learning Objectives


Students will be able to:

1. Discuss and recognize positive observation and interactions with children and families.
2. Examine and organize their understanding of culture and how positive interactions can lead to solid
relationships with children and families.

Students will be able to:
1. Review commonly used Keystone STARS CQI tools to determine areas where changes or improvements
can be made in their programs.
2. Explain why these changes will enhance positive social and emotional development of children.
3. Discuss how these changes will also help them recognize and value cultural diversity.

Core Knowledge Competencies

K3.3 C2: Interpret the ways in which personal beliefs, values, and behaviors relative to cultural, racial, linguistic, and socio-economic differences relate to daily practices with children.

K1.4 C2 Apply knowledge of brain development to facilitate children's learning, socio-emotional development, and self regulation.

D1.5 C2 Adopt program practices that demonstrate knowledge of the domains of child development to meet the developmental needs of all children, including early childhood age, school-aged, children with special needs and diverse backgrounds.

K2.1 C2 Arrange responsive learning environments (setting, space, resources, relationships and schedules) based on ages, abilities, home culture, and interests and needs of children that are linked to the PA Learning Standards.

K2.13 C2 Implement guidance strategies involving both adults and children designed to facilitate and support child development of social-emotional skills.

D2.15 C2 Communicate and document to staff and families the importance of making continuous quality improvement to instructional content, practices and materials as outlined in the PA Early Learning Standards and the Guiding Principles


We will be looking at personal understanding of culture and how to avoid biases.

Attention during discussions will focus on the need to consider all children and their developmental levels while also looking at family structures, cultures and any language barriers that may exist in their programs.

Westmoreland County Community College
Community College DriveYoungwood, PA 15697
County Westmoreland


Event Fee
Registration Closed
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Victoria Hricik (Email)
Westmoreland County Community College
145 Pavilion Lane
Youngwood, PA 15697
Phone (724) 925-4013
**Registration fee of $15 (paid by check) due the day of the event, June 1, 2019.
Please contact Vicki Hricik with any questions.

Westmoreland County Community College


Delivery Methods

Classroom/Face to Face

Assessment of Learning



This event will focus on improving practitioners’ knowledge and skill to support children’s social and emotional development through culturally relevant practices, as well as how to apply these skills to participants’ CQI plans

3.00 Hours

Course Level

C1: Knowledge Acquisition

PQAS Approved

Course Category


General Course

(0.5 Hours)
(1 Hour)
(1.5 Hours)

CDA Content Areas

Social & Emotional Development (1 Hour)
Productive Relationships with Families (1 Hour)
Observing & Recording Behavior (0.5 Hours)
Physical & Intellectual Development (0.5 Hours)

Center Staff
Head Start/Early Head Start
Early Intervention
Parent Educators
Home Visitor
Early Child Mental Health
Pre-K Counts